4 Boundaries for Work-Life Balance

Recently, a growing number of employers are straying from the traditional ‘9 to 5’ work day to adopt more forward-thinking approaches. Some may offer unlimited vacation, alternative ways to communicate, flexible schedules, & the ability to work remotely. As technology allows us to work where we want, it makes sense for progressive organizations to harness that potential. While the benefits of redesigning the 9-5 workday concept are undeniable, without mindful boundaries, our balance between work & personal time is easy to overlook.

Work-life balance is important for relationships, overall happiness, & productivity. The trick is to take advantage of this new wave of enlightened employers, while also prioritizing equity between work & play.

Relax. There is a way. Do yourself a favor & try these 4 boundaries for work-life balance:


Technology now gives us the ability to work remotely & never miss an email. It also lends to a pressing feeling that we have an expectation of constant availability.

What to do instead:

Know when it’s time for work vs quality family or fun time. Turn off email notifications when work time is done & set them to resume in the morning. Drawing the line allows you to be productive & concentrate at the right time, while also allowing you to be present during other activities. Set the boundary to make-use of the convenience technology provides, without being glued to your mobile device 24/7.


Self-care includes any intentional action taken to give your mind, body, & soul a bit of love. When we allow ourselves to be constantly available & fail to carve out ‘me time’, the first thing overlooked is typically self-care. Ironically, not prioritizing self-care makes for lower productivity & higher chances of burnout.

What to do instead:

Determine a few of the most effective self-care activities for you. Having trouble? Answer this question: What feeds your soul & makes you feel rejuvenated? For example, exercise as self-care is not only a healthy habit, it actually increases endorphins & relieves stress. Similarly, many professionals report that dedicating time to a creative outlet (like painting, writing, or cooking) increases their quality of work & concentration.

Once you know what self-care activities feed you, make them a non-negotiable priority within your schedule. Your job and your loved ones will thank you.


With the ability to work remotely or work less-traditional hours, it’s easy for your home sanctuary to morph from cozy retreat into 24-hour office operation.

What to do instead:

Have a dedicated space only for work & use it as such. This allows work-time to be for work & prevents time outside of work to be taken over. Even better; leave home! Invest in a membership at coworking space with an environment that is built to nurture flexible, remote workers. Get out of your personal space & be surrounded by productive people who are just like you.

Boundary #4: VALUE YOUR TIME

The habit of being a slave to our phone notifications or disregarding the yoga classes we were planning to attend as work-needs arise, can be a slippery slope. May I remind you that by valuing our own time, we show others to value it as well?

What to do instead:

Create your work-plan ahead of time & stick to it. This simple habit has been a game-changer for me. Before, I’d work on several things at a time or switch gears as each new email popped-up, making it hopeless to finish a task.

Now, I use a small amount of time to look ahead at my week by writing out the most important work to-dos & goals. I also write my yoga class times & any plans. I then fill-in my calendar for the upcoming days.

When working, I stick to the planned schedule. When it’s not ‘email time’, I turn off my email from popping up & becoming a distraction. I am able to concentrate on one task at a time & stay focused. For me, it’s more gratifying to complete 3 or 4 tasks IN-FULL each day than to simply graze over 20 to-dos without being able to mark a single one as ‘done’.

Give it a try!

Implement these boundaries to maximize time & quality of work by ensuring balance. Set yourself up to be more organized & deliberate so that you can be less resentful & exhausted. As growing numbers of companies switch to a more modern format, learn to relish in the perks & manage constant demands. Work-life balance is key to being the best employee you can be.

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