3 Step Formula for Innovation

The present culture of mass consumerism is bursting at the seams with people & organizations who all have a concept, idea, or product to force-feed to the masses. Ultimately, domination by constant exposure to advertising-overload leads to one thing: choice. People select to favor one insight, product, business, or idea over countless others.

The question is this: What makes your content or commodity worthwhile enough to stand-out amongst so much noise? Sure, messaging is important. However, messaging only goes so far. Only relevant, truly meaningful, & decisive contributions will survive hype & create lasting impact.

What takes an idea from ‘good’ to ‘game-changer’? Ask yourself the 3 questions below for cultivating long-term innovation.

Step 1: Is it Vital & Distinctive? Fills a void & adds value by addressing needs & wants.

How do you decide that a venture is a vital & distinctive? If there are a million similar concepts that mirror the brand you’re thinking of building, it will not be distinctive within a market. If the idea you’re brewing over won’t make daily life easier or better within your market, it’s not vital.

To know if your concept is vital & distinctive, think simply from the vantage point of a consumer. Your good, service, or insight should address needs & wants within your market. It should fill a void. This means that when making use of your contribution, users are given an advantage which was previously lacking. To be vital & distinctive, it must be different. It must add value by addressing true needs & wants.

After thinking over this tip, if you’re endeavor doesn’t quite satisfy a craving within your market, brainstorm over it more. Adapt it to silence what users are yearning for… even if they don’t know they’re yearning for it.

Step 2: Is it Motivating? Inspires people to do something.

Frame your concept in such a way that it inspires people to do something. How do you motivate your market to do something? Above all, present them with something that satisfies an urgent demand, so that when an audience implements your idea, improvement is obvious in some area of life.

People are motivated by passion & uniqueness. Create something that is valuable & inspires people to adopt the idea you’re selling. Successfully motivating forces cause people to change what wasn’t working & adopt your well-manufactured brainchild (because it adds value).

Step 3: Is it Memorable? People will share it because they won’t forget about it.

To be innovative, any creation must be memorable. Successful designs are memorable because they are uniquely creative & because they disrupt the prevailing discourse by making lives better & adding value.

For a business to catch on, it’s got to ‘stick’ & be easily sharable. People will always share the things they find valuable & memorable. If a new product or service is easy to forget, it’s because it doesn’t demonstrate value on a consistent basis. Consequently, if things aren’t consistently valuable, they will not catch-on & will not be shared.

Establishing a successful & lucrative impact through a business or an idea is a rare & difficult adventure. It is not impossible. How does your valuable creation survive this rat race?

Don’t race. Slow down. Be methodical & confident in what you’re building. Build to carefully foster something that is needed, inspiring, & unforgettable.






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