Couch Space or Coworking Space: When is it Time to Make the Switch?

The entrepreneurial lifestyle conjures images of a business professional taking phone calls, creating spreadsheets, and filling out forms while also filling up their calendar fast! What doesn’t immediately come to mind is… where is all of this taking place? While it may be easy for individuals to begin their entrepreneurial journey working from home, it’s much more difficult to know when it’s time to transition back into a public work space. As your business develops, your needs will change.

Here are four signs that working at home may not be “working”:

  1. Your direct network has been tapped.

When every neighbor, family member and Facebook friend has heard about your business, it’s time to supplement your network and gain referrals. Coworking spaces are a huge asset when it comes to community connections because of the effort these workspaces put into public and member events.  You’ll have the opportunity to introduce your business to other members and peers in the community. Go a step further by hosting your own event, which will also facilitate relevant social media content for you and the coworking space to share on your behalf!

  1. You notice a decrease in your productivity.

A downside of working from home is that you buy it all, and you supply it all. Printer out of paper or ink? Time for another quick trip to the office supply store! Didn’t hit the grocery store over the weekend? Now you’re popping out for groceries, coffee, and lunch. Not to mention all of the other unscheduled breaks, like when the doorbell rings or the laundry buzzer goes off. Coworking spaces provide amenities that keep you on task. Planning for work outside the home can actually save an entrepreneur time in the long run. Bring your lunch, stick it in the fridge. Grab a cup of coffee or tea from our kitchen. Use our copier, paper, and shredder instead! Time is your most value commodity and a productive work environment can help you reclaim it.

  1. You schedule several meetings a week at the coffee shop.

Coworking spaces serve as a fantastic meeting space when compared to coffee shops. Common areas at coworking spaces often provide more table space, natural light and offer complimentary coffee. Cutting client lattes from your business budget makes a difference over time. Most importantly, utilizing conference rooms creates a professional first impression, while also taking advantage of the amenities that often come with conference room reservation (such as flat screen TV’s, conferencing phones).

  1. You’re starting to feel lonely.

Coworking spaces are a great place for work. They’re also a great place to socialize with like-minded individuals! Get to know other entrepreneurs during lunch and at member events. Share a couple of “cheers beers” with fellow members towards the end of a hectic work week. Building organic relationships with those around you can facilitate your business without ever having to ‘make the sale’.

While working at home is a great place to start, growing your business is better when you reinvest. Don’t think of coworking as an added expense, but rather a reinvestment tool.  Shake those unproductive vibes! Put on a fresh outfit, a fresh outlook, and get to work in an upbeat atmosphere full of positive people and tools to grow your venture.

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