3 Key Links: Environment & Success

It’s not all that shocking that one of the greatest predictors of a company’s success is measured by overall employee satisfaction. Makes sense, right? A happy worker is driven to contribute their best work because they feel fulfilled. However, something less often thought about, but also greatly equates to fulfillment & success, is work environment.

Whether we’re talking about employees within a growing company or the solo-entrepreneur, the overall environment in which one does their work is directly linked to success. Here are the three most important links between work environment & success:

  1. Actual Physical Environment

Imagine walking into work each day entering a building that is dark, closed-off, or totally unoriginal. Not exactly motivating. Alternatively, picture entering an office space that is flooded with natural light, unique art, & thoughtful design. These factors are shown to make a difference in the way people work.

A fresh & funky design aesthetic, offering flexible ways to work, limited clutter, & a unique vibe induces creativity & thinking outside the box. Moreover, light & inspirational open-space improve mood & productivity. These traits of a physical work environment also create contagious positive energy & increase impactful communication.

  1. Culture of the Workplace

This seems like a no-brainer, right? Companies with good culture will be more successful. Yes. However, even more, the overall culture within the actual building that a company calls home can dictate many things. A prime example to consider is shared-office or coworking concepts. Yes, many are trendy or look pretty, but the culture within is something that must be thoughtfully nurtured in order to contribute to the success of the mixed-types working there.

A building or workplace which chooses to emphasize health, authenticity, & flexibility is the type that nurtures success. An overall relaxed atmosphere is also important. These qualities prove to breed happy, more satisfied people & higher productivity. Additionally, a culture that emphasizes these positive attributes tends to be filled with a less-traditional & open-minded energy. That same approachable climate makes embracing new trends & technology more likely- which is a solid recipe for success. It’s tough to generate impact or lead the pack when you’re stuck in “old ways”. After all, the saying “the only constant in life is change” is no lie.

  1. Unified Community

The importance of unity rings true whether we are talking employees within a company or finding community as a member in a shared-office space. High-functioning communities allow people to operate as individuals, while simultaneously allowing them to connect.

A workplace that offers networking events, ways of involvement, or opportunities for thoughtful interactions helps people become successful. These purposeful forms of engagement lead to insightful collaboration & higher caliber of work products. Additionally, they foster more creativity & connectedness. Most importantly, valuable social/professional relationships lead to more business referrals, which boosts success.

The specifics of a work environment have many ways of helping companies or individuals move forward on the path to success. There’s great difference found within a refreshing space filled with high-energy attitudes compared to routinely working from home or an outdated set-up.

Take a moment to consider your own current work environment, keeping in mind that the unseen attributes are equally as significant as the physical traits. Then, waste no time in implementing the elements of surroundings that foster YOUR success.

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